New site, who dis?

Hi - I’m Kieran Parker. Creative, designer and explorer of things.

Previously, this website existed as my freelance portfolio with one objective -land clients.

A shame really, as the work that normally goes on an individual's portfolio, is only half of the story, and every creative person knows a lot of the magic happens behind the scenes when no one is looking (or even paying).

Well, last year I launched my own Micro-Design-Studio MONOLIF, which takes over the role my portfolio used to do, and I figured it was finally time to turn my portfolio site, into a personal site. One that doesn't just show the best work, but shows the experiments, random explorations and behind-the-scenes thoughts.

There were a few parameters for this site, though:

  1. Be easy to manage.
  2. Be easy to update.
  3. Allow for growth.
  4. Allow me to share anything
  5. Be easy to change and evolve with me.
  6. Be beautifully simple, and subtlely elegant.

And so, after multiple iterations, I landed on a design I loved, felt checked all the boxes, and gave me hope that it will let me better express myself online, in a single place.

How long will it last before I redesign it? Who knows.

But, that is the beauty of designing a site focused on me and my content, rather than visual trends. The next version won't be a ground-up overhaul, but instead an evolution, building on what was before, and adapting to where I am going.

For now, though, it is a place to share work, thoughts, experiments & personal projects.

And that's fine with me.